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Dis da Gazkab place. You no like? Me eats ya. So dere. You tink color too dark? Dat yer fault fer bein born as a stoopid hooman dat half blind!

Me now in guild. Dem called Crimson Draconia and dey want barsh sum red lizard. Duh. Okie, me say will help dem!

<-- Dat me.

Wot else me gots ta say?



Nuttin' but thot me say anypay! You no like? Me eats ya. So dere.


Dis me in icky dry tower waitin' afta bashin' da stoopid meets. Dos udders not stoopid meets, dos friends. 'Cept dat thin lizzie and da crockl- er, crackadillagata- duh, whateva. Dos meets two is businessin' wit each udder. Me not sure can say wot dey do. Dis page even tikes mite see ...

<-- awaitin top a tower.

Me not like dat dry tower. Bad fer me skin. So me not stay dere so long, but here you can laugh 'cuz me tell story now. Sit da heck down 'fore I eats ya!


Firs time on top o' dat tower dere was stinkin' mummy up ders! Me almost panic and fall off tower when see, but me not jus dumb. Me dumb an strong so me start bash bash and git close ta flatten dat rotten bloatie meet! But, me not win ... so me run. Where run? Me run off side of tower! HA! Dat HURTS!.

Nes time on top tower take udder meets ya see fro dat pit- er, picktoordrawin- duh, whateva. Anypay, so we goers up dat tower an ... not but walkin' bones! Me disapiontated! So, we wait.

Udder stoopid meets, all bones, we smash when show up. Mebbe dat stinkin' old corpse habin' da party? Me have dat party instead but me smash all da guests! HA! But we want bash dat stinkin' corpse!

Dos udder meets me wit on da tower gits tired o' waitin' a dey go. Stoopid! Me last ta go ... an you gits ta guess what shows up ... yep! Dat stinkin' corpse tries ta bash me as me try ta leave!


Story ober. Dere more but me not tell. You no like? Tough.


Mebbe me tell more, mebbe not. Me can read too, so you write if wan ta. Me Gazkab. Yo hab ta figgurate hows ta unsecret me name from dat. Me hate spam. Sen me scribbles ats dis place usin' me name. You figger dat outs? Den me willin ta scribble back.

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